Liz Cooksey

About my Work


 Wire is used to give structure, shape and line, hand cut metal forms are attached to the wire, this is then embellished by delicate crochet using fine hooks and hand dyed threads. The crochet introduces splashes of colour and detail to the wire structures. Together the compositions create framed landscapes and free-standing sculptures. 




Inspiration comes from everyday dog walks. Meadows, hedgerows, waysides – the mix of wild flowers, brambles and tangled grasses, the humble buttercup clumped to the curb side, these all go to inform the structures, shapes and colours in these works.


IMG_20190920_155605 (1)

Landscape Works

Meadows, waysides, and flora & fauna are used to create works that evoke landscapes. A proportion of the composition is formed by a wire grid, giving the idea of a patchwork. A horizon gives the appearance of a landscape, a small bird perched looking out over its territory. Sometimes small worlds are created by using a circular composition and tiny landscapes are suggested by various forms and shapes. 



Taking natural finds from their habitat and looking at them in isolation allows a heightened focus of attention and they become small treasures. These treasures are laid out in conjunction with handmade explorations in wire, metal and crochet along with small hand painted illustrations of the natural world. Together they make collections of treasures that are carefully brought together to create a range of varying compositions.


Book Works

These pieces have been inspired by the love of old books, their covers and pages which are sometimes edged in gold. The books are the starting point, their contents dictate the handmade explorations that are then combined to make small delicate compositions.

Sculptural Works

These three-dimensional works use wire, metal, and thread to capture observations in nature, the shapes, textures and colours often  seen  in hedgerows and on waysides.